Surely, this will strike most of you as COMPLETELY batty, but some of us are living on the edge of edges, and like that sort of life more than life in the corral, so to speak.

If you take a look at my page and photos, you'll see what i'm talking about a little better.

Yes, i'm open to discussion. Maybe i can even articulate myself well enough to interest one or three of you in such weird ideahhz....For now, i'll just keep it tantalizingly (heh) basic. As if a taste.

What does your poetic mouth say?

As for those who think my art is a little too "cartoony", that's one way to stop yourself from even looking, isn't it? Me, i'd like to see those of you inclined to "more serious" art forms explore a little more than usual....and of course, i would accept a reciprocal challenge!

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