This Forum is to communicate to other members about an art book that you find important or useful. Every month there is a suggested book to read.

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Art and Physics- Parallel visions in space, time and light by Leonard Shlain, 1993. Quill/Wmorrow Co.

  This book compares artists and physicists throughout history. 

The Artist Handbook- Ralph Meyer.  This is the artists Bible, explaining  many techniques and tools.

Methods for Modern Sculptors by Ronald D. Young and Robert A Fennell.  How to cast bronze and build a foundry.

The Artist Way and Walking in This World- A Practical Art of Creativity by Julia Cameron- Penguin Group.  A book on the spiritual life one leads as an artist and how to understand it.

I saw a really interesting critique of part of The Artists Way, a while back. I'd like to post it here, if you're interested. I think the original poster would be okay with that. Now...where was it...? Ah-hah!

Hmm, let's see, how about Ralph Steadman's Scar Strangled Banger. Good stuff, except on the demystifying side, i.e. making so many americans into the lizardy creatures they can seem like. Demystifying such (but how, image-wise?) would fit my temparaments more, anyway...

And "Drawing on the Left Side of the Brain" is a good one for general audiences. Especially the one where they have you drawing something that is upside-down so that your mind doesn't Tell You that "You Can't Draw". People who try this method are often titillated by what they can do if they give themselves a chance!

As for imagination, Juan Gimenez (originally from Argentina, now in Spain, apparently) whoops butt in his various illustrated graphic novels. Such as "A Matter of Time". The creativity is up there with none! Published by Humanoids Publishing, NY, Juan was first (?) widely published via the adult fantasy/sci fi magazine "Heavy Metal" (that's where i heard of him). Juan has done a real nice job in illustrating Jodorowsky's stories, as well. A little too heavy on the violence, sometimes, but Juan's technique is really something (along with his imagination!!) 

August/September book club book is
Art and Physics by Leonard Shlain.

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