Have you ever woke up in the middle of the night or maybe right before the dawn, and you are in between awake and asleep and you think to yourself that you are lying in a bed in a house that you used to live in a long time ago? The bed you used to sleep in as a child, or maybe the dormitory bed when you were going to the university, or in a lost autumn lovers bed from the streches of time or even that floor you slept on that cold cold day from that distant land you journeyed to. Your mind races to find where you really are sleeping. Where you are in your life.

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enjoy your thoughts.  Coralee

Recently I had a similar experience to this.  I had returned to bed after getting up to put the coffee on.  I snuggled back under the covers to wait and through the crack in the door the light from the kitchen shone and I had a flash back to being a child and when I knew my dad was in the kitchen making coffee and sitting at our big ,old, round, oak table contemplating his day before the world got busy.  I lay in my bed and was transported back 50 years or so and just imagined he was still there.  It gave me great comfort.

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