Just checking in with you all.  I am excited to find this space for artists.  I am enjoying finding new work here, so inspired.  It is easy for me to get discouraged in our world where everything seems to be inside out, important things like art, music, contemplation, and joy are overshadowed by, well unimportant things in my opinion, like politics that divide us and keep us at odds with one another.  Art is a commonality that unites peoples, the unspoken language that we all know from birth and to have access to you all is meaningful.  thanks and Namaste

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Thanks for your ethos and spirit.

I agree with what you have said. And I will not say that this is what you meant, but it reminded me of something I've heard.  I have heard it said that the visual arts are the continuation of philosophy. Plato talking about aesthetics is interesting and deep, but without the origin of the beautiful, he would have nothing to say. This means that philosophy is explored using the medium of words, which are restricted in their roots and the thoughts provoked from words can take you only so far, but an image, whether it comes from the natural world or on canvass (or whatever medium), can take thoughts further because understanding is abstracted and individualized. Like this, music can share these qualities, and I do not mean to discount forms of writing like poetry, for they too have individualized palettes. But for the comparison of philosophy continued in art and philosophy in political mandates and let's add fine print and terms of filling out your taxes, we certainly are overloaded by an excess of trivial thought that is made to circumvent truth. It is always grounding to see the beauty of creation, whether it is by the hands of humans, other animals, plants, or however you may categorize this word, creation. Knowing that we can still discover traces of innate understanding and joy, despite some unfortunate exaggerations linked to this snowball effect we call innovation and advancement, I am relieved. For that, I am also happy to see all of your discoveries and the opportunity to rediscover them for myself. 

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