We all know about amusement, especially artists.  But I'm wanting to know what works as a "muse" in your life as an artist?  It seems to me that we are all out there, doing our private work and perhaps looking for, or finding the creative juice.  How do you do it?

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Janet what a great question.  For me the process of making is the most inspiring to me.  Once I get over myself and just do it.  Also: nature, dreams, reading a book, talking to a friend,  travel, museums, swimming, making love, sleep deprivation and anything that seems to be nonsense. 

Great muses Daithi,

For me, all the same, and I have to remind myself to get over myself too so that after I create, I can drink in the nourishment of making art/life.

I get an undeniable urge to create any time I take a deep breath and am in nature, when I actually "see" life with my whole body, breathing in through all my senses, when I hear the silence behind all the noise, and stand in awe of being alive at all.  That feeling I wish upon all beings and that I want to transmit through some physical means.  Words are lacking and art only sometimes comes close but the drive, desire, urge, intention to share that feeling is probably my biggest "muse".

That is very poetic and I can relate to your feeling of an urge to create and wishing this impulse for all.  Thank you for this inspirational reply.

i find that when i'm most "under the gun", that i do better work (and want to). That is, when i feel threatened, or when i'm angry. Listening to a wide variety of media (usually alternative in nature), also helps, i.e. recently "Democracy Now!". Also, phreaquey music including old skool non-narrative techno and even deep rap music and funk moves me. But mostly it revolves around how stressed out i get or something along those lines. And it seems that many people know this, and work to "stick it to us" artists in various ways, keeping us on "short leashes" and rigidly managed (i.e. the business model). I noted this technique used on me during my 15-plus years working as an illustrator....

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