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Santa Fe, New Mexico. Arts

Santa Fe has 3 art districts. The Plaza, Canyon Road and The Railyard District. In addition, one can find Eldorado, a small artist haven 6 miles outside of town. "The Magazine," is a bi-monthly perio… View »

Madison Wisconsin

In the summer months first Fridays small shops, galleries and studios can be found open on the East Side. The MMoCA puts on city wide gallery nights first Friday's in May and Oct. 6-9pm. An after par… View »

Chicago Art District

2nd Friday's. South Halsted and 18th Street. 6-10 PM. View »

Milwaukee Wisconsin Gallery Night and Day

Third Ward. 4 times a year. JULY 22,23 - OCT. 21,22- Jan. 20,21- April 21,22 2017. 28 years. 50 venues. FRI 5-9, Sat. 10-4 View »

Oshkosh Wisconsin

The Oshkosh Art Walk. For more than 20 years, First Saturdays of the month. Around 20 art spaces. 6-9pm. Main Street. Points of interest The Jambalaya and Art Space. View »


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