Pastel 35x40cm. Made after a photo I made from him.
I have to tell here a long story about this lovely swan. I call him my swan.
This swan was born three years ago and his mother has been killed by a boy who trown a stone to her head. The swans were still little and the father brought them up and he did a great job. Feeling very sad his soulmate was killed and still taking care of his kids.
Last year I saw this swan and still young looking most brown he was alone in the ponds behind our houses and already I came to see him with my walks and talked a bit to him. He liked that and always came towards me, very friendly. I told him he needed to find a girlfriend so he would not be alone anymore.
This year he came back and yes he had a girlfriend. They were making nests everywhere and finaly they had a place where they made the real nest. It was not big and I tried to help with material sending through the water and yes he used it for the nest. I could come very close to them, they both knew me and trusted me. I especially had a bond with the male swan as you will understand. I have seen them pair right before my eyes and that is so beautiful to see, so lovely. They had 5 eggs and I hoped so much they would get 5 little swans. I saw that the male swan was most on the nest, he must have learned to take care from his father. Sadly one day it started very hard to rain and sitting at home I said out loud “Oh my swans.” The next day I went to see how they were doing and the eggs had been falling into the water that evening before. There was nothing we people could do anymore for the eggs. So very sad, and the swans were feeling very sad and did not know what to do at times. I went twice a day looking for them and giving them some food, they needed that and sending them my love. The female was more often gone, but the male still came back every day sometimes with his female swan. The last two weeks he was alone and came for food and my peptalk! One day I saw he needed more food so I gave him and the next morning at 6 o'clock I looked out of my window and saw him sitting on the grass and it was to early for me to get out and give him food. That was the last time I saw him. It has been now more than a month ago and really hope they both will come back here next year to make a big nest and than I hope everything will go fine. Like this year I will help them. I am sure they will recognize me as I will them.
I hope they are fine were ever they are. I miss them, especially the male swan with his great character. I could feel in which mood he was, sometimes angry, sometimes so sad, but most of the time friendly. I understood all those feelings and I am sure he felt that.
So here is my lovely swan.

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Comment by Vicki Wilcox on July 1, 2016 at 4:54pm

Anja, thanks so much for telling this beautiful story of friendship.  I believe the older I become, I find wildlife seems to be more in tune with us than I ever thought was possible, and isn't it wonderful to have such a beautiful friend? You've captured the affection you had for him, and him for you.  I hope he comes back with a faithful lady one day. Lovely pastel!!

Comment by Brian Leverton on August 19, 2016 at 12:06am

Hi Anja, This is a really excellent pastel drawing the swan even looks sad well done. Kind regards Brian


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