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Proposal for exhibition of Ink Scripts by Daithi

Proposal for Exhibition.

Visual Language- Ink Scripts

From the beginning of human visual expression through history and into today, people have created symbols. We have made pictures of ourselves and our environments. Imagery and words communicating to each other about what is beautiful, important and meaningful. From spitting coal through our hands onto cave walls to abstract art in contemporary museums, we see the desire of people to tell their stories. This is what… Continue

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Kit Pollaski

Kit Pollaski from Wisconsin is artist of the month for Febuary. I would invite you to take look at her intense and beautiful paintings and mix-media found under the artists tab.

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Harry Grunsky. 2017 January's Artist of the Month.

Harry Grunsky from Vancouver, Canada is Artist of the Month. Take a look at his amazing sculpture and two dimensional art work. Cultivating light and space, his art is playful, intricate, imaginative.

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World Artist Exchange Artists of the Year 2016

Congratulations to Vicki Wilcox, Douglas Arthur Johnson, Vesa Peltonen, Brian Leverton and Rhombus.

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history revisited

back in touch with old skills 

Added by charles william spencer on December 8, 2016 at 2:01am — 1 Comment

K Coralee Burch

November's Art of The Month is K Coralee Burch from New York State. Take a look at her beautiful painted landscapes, waterscapes and waterfalls.

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Artists of the Month

Shadow Theatre Fireflies from the Ukraine are October Artists of the Month.

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September Artists of the Month

Wayne McGill from Australia.
Nina Mindova from Bulgaria.

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Seattle's Art Scene

First Thursday's bleeding into Friday. Pioneer Square. Art Walk. Contemporary, tradional, indigenous art. Many independent and group spaces. Restaurants, bars and boutiques. Speciality galleries. SAM. Public art. Primary, professional and emerging artists exhibiting. 1st year for Seattle's Art expose was in early August, music, street performers and an art fair punctuated the Pedestrian mall. Fremont, Greenwood and other smaller pockets of artists lye around the city. Architecture Music Museum.… Continue

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Anouk van Marsbergen

Artist of the Month for August 2016 is Anouk van Marsbergen from The Netherlands.

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Artist of the Month for JULY is Vicki Wilcox

Take a look at Vicki Wilcox, from the U.S., beautifully sincere paintings and rendered drawings. She is the artist of the month for JULY.

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Emma Marie Higgins is Artist of the Month

Artist of the Month for June is Emma Marie Higgins from California. Her beautiful art work is vivid, tribal and sincere. Check it out on her page on W.A.E. "MEMBERS" tab above.

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Douglas Arthur Johnson-May Artist of the Month.

Douglas Arthur Johnson from North Carolina is May Artist of the month. Go to his page on this site to see his wonderful, rhythmic, sincere and beautiful art.

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The Art of Daithi

My new soft and hard copy art book.
100 pages. 20 years.
Painting. Sculpture. Drawing. Performance.
You can get one at or a signed copy at copy $50 + shipping / hard copy $75 + shipping)

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James Brunswick is April Artist of the Month

James Brunswick from Canada is April's Artist of the month. Go to his page on W.A.E. To see his dynamic, futuristic yet primal digital imagery.

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Go to 'Call to Artist & Shows' Tab

If your click on this tab above, then go to 'All Pages' you will find a growing catalog of art oportunities. Some listed by city, time of year and type of exhibition. You can also contribute by posting art information about your city or state or country. Biennials, Expose, galleries, museums, schools, commissions, art scenes, communities and districts.

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Vesa Peltonen.March -Artist of the Month

Vesa Peltonen from Canada is March Artist of The month. Take a look at his page to view his vivid and dynamic art.

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February Artist of the Month is Brian Leverton

Artist of the Month is Brian Leverton from Austraila. Take a look at his colorful and beautifully rendered paintings of landscapes, people and wildlife.

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The Boy who Created Jason Salt

Artist of the month, Rhombus, has posted his new film ,"The Boy Who Created Jason Salt."

A poignant and naked interpretation about the motivation behind the creation of art and how art creates the artist. Seen through the life of Jack Kerouac.

I am reading Jack right now as I am in Flordia, I agree, once you have been patient and understand the Jazz like rhythm of Mr. Kerouac, his poetry unfolds and comes to life. He tells of a story of the modern and a post war age. I… Continue

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The World Artist Exchange

Welcome to The World Artist Exchange. I created this site for artists. It is also a useful tool and resource for art teachers, community organizers implementing art, art organizations and art collectors. We are a community of artists from around the world. I would invite new comers to this site to take a look, become a member, build your own artist page, post your art, communicate and make friends. From time to time, check in and see what is new. Thank you. Daithi

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