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Hosting an Event

As a member artist of the World Artist Exchange you have the opportunity to display your art, find like minded people, research exhibit and sale opportunities.  It can be a useful tool in promoting your art to your collectors.   Blog about something you have an interest in or have a question about. Wether the blog about a technique or a particular method of art, a day in the studio,  or even writing a poem this is a useful place to start a discussion. 

What makes the World Artist…


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Welcoming art collectors

The World Artist Exchange would like to welcome all.  It is a great reference for finding artist and their work.  The World Artist Exchange is a place where you can not only be a part of an online art community, post events, blog, video and meet people.  It is also a place for the collector to buy art without the pretention of the galleries.   This way the artist can give the collector the best possible value and create a working relationship. 

How to buy a piece of art on the World…


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Creativity Goes Wild

Besides being a writer and photographer, I work as a creativity coach helping others to ignite the creative fire that lies just below the surface in all of us. I have a blog on my website where I offer writing tips, ideas for supporting your creative self, inspiration of the poetic imagination and experiences of the Celtic imagination from time spent in Ireland. You can find all this at

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World Artist Exchange to Nepal

I have just returned from traveling to Nepal. It was amazing. The people who live there are so kind and gracious. It was my privelage to live with a host family for a week and get a feeling of Kathmandu, it's culture, and it's people. I also ventured through the mountains and the jungle.

The World Artist Exchange in conjunction with the Friendship Force, I was able to teach painting to some children in a primary school set up by the Save the World Program. The experience was…


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Larger Than Youself

Sittin' in the studio today I was thinking about how it is essential for me to be open to knew artistic opportunities. It takes you outside yourself. The last three weeks of my life have been waking up and going to the studio to prepare for an art event, a bash, Nimbash 2010 in St.Helena , CA. It started out with much love. I was fortunate enough to be a part of it. This celebration was orchestrated and labored by many people with the vision of bringing art and the community together. It was…


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Something is Happening! Check it out!

Hello World Artist Exchange friends. Just wanted you to know that there will be several exciting enhancements to this site in the coming months, enabling you to do alot more. Stay tuned. Daithi

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The World Artist Exchange is Growing

I would first like to welcome all the new members, and thank them for making art and posting it on the exchange. The Artist Exchange now spans over 4 continents, and is a great way to connect with other artists. I was part of an exchange this winter, I traveled to Napa Valley, California to help out at the Mustard Seed Festival at The Culinary Institute of America and exhibited my work at a winery and a gallery. Our members have also orchestrated an exhibit of art made by Guatemalan Orphans. We… Continue

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Our Door is Open

This is an idea I had to put in motion. You've heard of Face Book, house swapping, or traveling to another country where you have a host family through an organization. We all live in our little pockets ( or communities), we all have tools. Whether you live in; Wisconsin, Italy, Caliornia, Montreal, Illonois, Argentiana, Canada, China, Africa, ect... We make art. So what if there was a way to have a show anywhere in the world, had a friend to help, and have a place to crash? World Artist… Continue

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My Flickr Page

To view more of my photography visit my Flickr page at:

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Art is Life

I enjoy the variety of exhibiting. Museums, Galleries, Art Centers, City Centers, Art Co- Ops, competitions, charity events, Art Fairs, Internet, ect.. But the one that seems to tap into the spirit of art today is alternative spaces. It could be a group of artists throwing down for a studio walk, or a one time experience late at night with cross over fusion of art, music, poety, and performance. Any event which seems to put the art first. Whenever the artist(s) controls the process it seems to… Continue

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