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Photography Contest MOUNTAIN

International Photography Contest "Mountain"

Mountain is the theme of the new arts festival in the Azores and the first international photo contest from MiratecArts.

The surface of planet Earth is 24% mountainous; 10% of the world population lives in mountainous terrain. MiratecArts presents an International Photography Contest under the theme of "Mountain". Landscape, culture and mountain life is what the organization intends to show,…

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Evolution Arts Collective

The Convergence
Artists-Norenberg, Roberts, Bijon, Keshet, Weber, Pahlas, Clayton, Jobst, Palmer, Wertz, Tsai, DeLuLiis and Daithi.

Live Music by Bron Sage.

Friday October 10. 6pm-12pm
Madison. Wisconsin.
202 S. Dickinson St.

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All of these opportunities posted on

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Mary Palmer Artist of the month for August.

Mary Palmer from Madison Wisconsin is artist of the month for August. Her paintings invite and transport the viewer into a beautiful world. She uses vivid delicious color and poetic light to tell her story.

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The "Good" and The "Bad."

This month we are sharing our art work that deals with the beauty and tragedy of existence. Goya's later work and a painting like "Guernica," by Picasso shows us the atrocities of war. One can find beauty and splendor in the radiant colors of Chagall. Monet's reflective beauty of his water lilies calms and reminds us of the moment. Still yet some art like Katshshika Hokusai's painting "The Great Wave of Kanagawa" shows us the sublime, combining the tragic beauty of nature. What art do you have… Continue

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Artists of the month- July

Artists of the month for July.
Nurettin Erkan from Turkey now living in Wisconsin, his paintings are epic and transcendental.
Marc G. Doutherd from Tucson Arizona, his paintings and drawings are intense, spiritual, and are rendered from the heart.
Go to The members tab above to look at their beautiful and engaging work.

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A force of Nature. Essential to life. Water- Beautiful, sublime and important in all it's forms. W.A.E. invites it's members to post an image of your art which deals with the topic of water. Wether it is a landscape depicting the tides of an ocean. A conceptual piece of art talking about the importance of water or perhaps your art is a water color! Let's see your interpretation of water.

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June Artists

Didier Facchin from Vancouver, BC. Canada.
His paintings are sincere with movement and color. Beautiful.
And also.
Blind Ambition from Ireland.
Her paintings are playful and lyrical. Stunning photography details her travels.
Check out both of their wonderful art, at top under The MEMBERS tab!

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Art Auction- Thursday, May 22

Speakers- Former Wisconsin Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager and former Wisconsin State Senator Jessica King. Art Auction and Live Music.
Evolution Arts Collective. 5pm-9pm. 202 S. Dickinson St. Madison Wisconsin. Call to artists- If interested in donating art please send message to Daithi on this site.

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Artists of the month for May.

Brian Looker from New Zealand. Check out his ethereally charged stories. Fun and brilliant.
Blake Cunzion from New York. His direct and intense art is colorful, sincere, playful and meaningful.
Deborah S. Hobbs from California. Her art work is dramatic, viscerally explosive yet serene.
Ross Bisbee from Wisconsin. Check out his art work on his page. His paintings are intricate in their simplicity, poetic, organic and beautiful.
Just go to MEMBERS TAB

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Photographer Eva Fidjeland - one of several artists to show their work at the AthensArt's Annual Arts Festival at Hardeko in Bispgården, Jämtland, Sweden Posted by Susanna at 8:23 PM, Apr 19, 2014 (…

Photographer Eva Fidjeland - one of several artists to show their work at the AthensArt's Annual Arts Festival at Hardeko in Bispgården, Jämtland, Sweden

Posted by Susanna at 8:23 PM, Apr 19, 2014…


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Artist of the Month for April

Eva Fidjeland from Orrefors Sweden is artist of the month. Go under members tab to find her self portrait, plant and insect photographs. Delicate, seductive, colorful and full of poetry and contrast.

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