From  Francisco Goya to Pablo Picasso,  art has been used as a vehicle for bringing social awareness, change and Justice.  Goya saw the French massacre of his people and made several prints of those atrocities.  The prints he made depict the senseless brutality of  soldiers attacking ordinary people in horrific ways. Goya's painting, "Third of May 1808," is a prime example of how an artist uses there talent to record a horrible action.  In doing so Goya communicated to the world the magnitude and importance of such an event.  "Guernica," painted by Pablo Picasso depicts the bombing of a Basque village on April 26, 1937.  The paintings catastrophic juxtaposition and contrast, echoes and screams through its museum home in Madrid, showing us the total madness of war.  Artists find injustice in several places: socially, politically, economically, in everyday events and relationships.  Artists have a responsibility and duty to convey truth.  Today it seems much art has been deduced down to homogenized decor.  Kneeling down to the all mighty dollar and hanging in Chelsea vanity galleries that are antiseptic, posh and lifeless.  Art is many things.  Art can show the splendor of beauty and the tragedy of the sublime. Art is a way to express and communicate your thoughts and feelings.  Art at one of it's highest forms shows us how it is to be human, it is a gift of insight and a translation of truth.

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