I enjoy the variety of exhibiting. Museums, Galleries, Art Centers, City Centers, Art Co- Ops, competitions, charity events, Art Fairs, Internet, ect.. But the one that seems to tap into the spirit of art today is alternative spaces. It could be a group of artists throwing down for a studio walk, or a one time experience late at night with cross over fusion of art, music, poety, and performance. Any event which seems to put the art first. Whenever the artist(s) controls the process it seems to have a "sincere effect". Seems that corporate control is strangling the purity of exhibiting what we make. Time and time again I find "ordinary people," friends say, art is pretentious, or I feel uncomfortable going into an art gallery. I've been In some spaces that are so anticiptic or sterile, I find it very hard to even look at art.
Each type of venue has a purpose to an artists' exhibiting life. However, in the face of vanity and control ,art has been takin from everyday beauty, realization, celebration, and discussion to a place of poshness and money. Alternative Spaces are where its going on , around the world and in your back yard. Daithi

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