As Artists we are receptive to our surroundings and the relationships we keep.  They influence our decisions consciously or unconsciously.  Some of our relationships are nurturing and inspiring, while others not so much.  These latter individuals can keep us physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually from our art.  Artist Vampires. It can be a settle act of approaching an artist at the wrong time, such as when they are in front of their easel working, interrupting their flow.  It can be more intricate, such as making a scene before an art opening.  Or even diabolical, such as suggesting that an idea for your art is childish and stupid.  Most of the times it is not so blatant and not even realized by the person.  Some vampires you can spot from a distance as unhealthy and destructive.  These people can usually be kept at arms length or casted away.  But sometimes they are friends and family who love us and we love them, and they are unaware of there vampire tendencies.  These are not individuals who act out of malice. I have seen artists couples who one has given up with art and the other still very much loves art.  Unfortunately, a power struggle ensues. Taking time to go to the studio is now a point of contention.  Regardless of the scenario realizing what is happening, asking why they are doing this, setting boundaries and communicating positively is a good start.  Our need of our art is as much as for our need for food.  It is in our blood.

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Comment by Deborah S. Hobbs on February 1, 2012 at 12:22pm

We live among Artist Vampires for sure.  I found that if I can find something that one of them can relate to as a passion of theirs and try to explain the absolute necessity of art in my life as is their passion , sometimes it makes a little sense to them.  The main thing, most people I know, question is just how could I keep doing something that doesn't make any money and that takes so much energy of all kinds, time, money, attention etc.  In this world if one is not making money at what one does then they are a "failure' in the Vampire's eyes.  At this point I surround myself with like minded people as much as possible, and if a loved one doesn't quite understand but still supports me emotionally as an artist then that is pretty good.



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