383 artists from 30 countries participated in the first two editions of the Azores Fringe, an international arts festival from Azores to the world.
In 2014 we launched the MURALS ROUTE in the town of Madalena, Pico island, that includes the largest public art mural in the arquipélago of Azores, spaning 120metres around a soccer field, and was created by Rocio Matosas (Uruguay). The exhibit presented a special section of art from Portugal as well as Argentina, and the shorts@fringe presented a special program of films from Germany.
From public art works, exhibitions, performances, music stages, dance, theatre, literature presentations, book launches, films, artistic fairs, expeditions and adventures into the islands and much more... Azores Fringe now has partners in 6 islands and welcomes artists that are willing and able to share their time and talents...
Performers have come from as far as New Zealand, and many of the portuguese-speaking countries like Brazil, Cape Verde and Mozambique. Dancers from Colombia and England. Musicians from Galiza and Romania. You are the programmer!
Participation can be as easy as sending files of art via the internet and our festival will print them for the exhibit.
We´ve been able to work with Embassies and Consulates to bring some artists that ask for support to make it to our island. Where there is a will, there is a way...

BE A PART OF IT  www.azoresfringe.com

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