International Internet Global Warming focused art show

International Internet Global Warming focused art show


Many artists are also environmentalists, concerned about the well being and beauty of our shared earth.  We are putting together an art show, not related to any specific politics or religious view (although your personal artistic interpretation can express any view you choose), to raise interest and consciousness about our deep concerns that we preserve the best of this world.  I will have professional help in getting this up in the best possible format in the best possible venues. This note has been sent to artists around the world and they are responding wonderfully to the idea.  Please consider joining us in this effort.  It will cost you nothing and there is no award except in participating in an unusually inspiring opportunity to express yourselves to the world in your art. 

We are putting together an international "Weather Gone Wild" art show on Facebook and keeping it simple.  I need your name and email to follow up on organizing an online show. If there are others who would like to participate... Please write me specifically and send pics of your Weather Gone Wild paintings. I will put them together in a show for all of us on Facebook.... write me at Thanks... Send up to two pictures for now on email. Be sure they're signed, also put your name, country (and city), along with your email or website if you wish the publicity.  We at least need your country to show that this is a global effort. I will try to get this together over the next month. Thank you for your interest. a "like" designation on facebook won't make it happen. I need to actually get pictures (emailed) to do it.  Please include your permission to use your art in this show. We will add a note designating all work copyrighted by artist and not available for reproduction.  It will be ecologically healthy to do a show this way, since it will cost nothing in packaging, mailing, transportation, etc. Also it means that it is NO COST to each of us, either, so regardless of your finances you will be able to participate. At some point we might also put it on video and on YOUTUBE.

Thank you for your interest, Coralee Burch, USA, Artist

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Comment by Daithi on June 14, 2011 at 5:48pm
Beautiful Idea K, give me a heads up, I'll see if I can be a part.  Daithi
Comment by K Coralee Burch on June 14, 2011 at 7:18pm

Wonderful, Daithi.  I'd be so  pleased to have you included.  Here is a better/ more complete explanation.  I'm keeping it as simple as possible, especially for the artists.  I hope my son who is an expert will be helping on the formatting, but will be having a very serious operation shortly, soooo depending the time may vary slightly.  I have many people from MANY countries showing an interest.  Originally I wanted a traveling show, but then realized the cost factor would be so difficult to manage from so many diverse countries.  Here is the update.  If this is not enough information for you, please let me know.  Otherwise... just feel free to submit in the manner suggested.  Best to you.  Coralee



We are offering a free, non award opportunity to participate with artists from around the world in an expression of our artistic ideas about Global Warming or Weather Gone Wild.  The intent of this show is non political and non religious, but artists may express themselves in any manner they see fit.  Note, however, that significantly offensive material will be excluded.  Artists are requested to submit up to two photos of their work through email to  Work should be signed before photographed when possible and permission given by the artist, together with the submission, for work to be displayed in this show, which may appear on Facebook, YouTube or some other online format.  A copyright notification will be included in the show prohibiting copying of the work without the artist's explicit permission.  Please include your name, country (current and/or of origin), comment about your work, and email address if you would like it attached to your picture in the show.  We will devise a pleasant format for the photos of artwork and find the best vehicle possible.  Entries are due by July 30, 2011.  If possible the show will be up the beginning of September 2011.  Show Curator:  K. Coralee Burch


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