Sittin' in the studio today I was thinking about how it is essential for me to be open to knew artistic opportunities. It takes you outside yourself. The last three weeks of my life have been waking up and going to the studio to prepare for an art event, a bash, Nimbash 2010 in St.Helena , CA. It started out with much love. I was fortunate enough to be a part of it. This celebration was orchestrated and labored by many people with the vision of bringing art and the community together. It was an outer body art experience. Beautiful. Hundreds of people attendended: there was making of art in many mediums to which the public was invited to participate, showing of art, music, food, wine, a fasion show, and art auctions. It was a great success. What intrigued me, as it alway does, was how people's dreams manifested and how people came together for a common cause. It was magnificant. People were spinning around with a thousand of things to do, nights streched into the mornings; painting, building, sculpting, laughing, sewing, cutting Tyvec for large sculpted laterns, designing, drinking coffee and wine, choregraphing every last detail. A cast of many and every person played a part. As the event approached there was a hum of activity. A franticness, the desire and intensty of the vision was running full tilt into becoming reality. The tent, stage and lighting where installed, art was hung, we cleared out the hardware stores, ceramic kiln was lite, models arrived, the venders showed with their wine and food. Everyone barely being able to get every thing done; running, jumping, sweeping, driving, phone calls, more supplies, flowers, " I need to eat something or i'm going to fall down", "where's the hammer?" " i think I saw it over there," find more staples, "I'm not gonna make a shower, I'm gonna have todo the once over with the Gojo and the Frebreeze." ---Everyone in place.

This is my point I now sit in the studio, painted new things, sculpted new things, made new things, met new people. There's always is that time to be in you studio in solitary from everyone, intensely in your own artistic language. I like that very much. But, it's also good to put a project in front of you. To crawl out of your artistic persceptual pocket. To challege your pace, to re-examine a direction you haven't look at for awhile. I find the process of doing art to be inspiring. The paintings I made for Nimbash was an avenue of art I hadn't explored since school. I actually felt I was putting myself on a project. It sharpned my skills, I explored different mediums, gave me new ideas, stretched my consitution, and let me see art with fresh eyes. Wether you teach a class, have coffee with other artists spawning a show,or being a small part of an art event, I find meeting new people, and trying new mediums puts you outside yourself, builds your arsenal of techniques and makes you a part of something larger than yourself.

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