looking for watercolor artists for my book.

I am looking for a few more watercolor artists for my book:  International Watercolor Artists.  Primarily I need someone from Africa, Arab country, New Zealand or Australia, China, Scandinavia.  Please write directly to my email.  The book is almost done, so only a few weeks to get all your information and four paintings through email.  Here is the info:

Call to International Watercolor Artists

Producing an International Watercolor Artists’ Handbook


 “Coffee table” book of international watercolor art work

and process information


No cost to participate

Two pages per artist

Two to three paintings per artist

Artist information and ideas

Accessible worldwide through Amazon


How it works:  For selection to be included in the book, email the following to my email listed below:  Four pictures of your work or a site where they can be viewed. 


If you have been invited, you are already approved and should send the following material to my email.

  1.  Four pictures of  your original watercolor paintings a minimum of 300 pixels per inch both for width and height.   Send in photo sizes of around 6x8 inches.  Ask for more information if not clear on this.  Important for good quality publishing. 
  2. List name of painting, size of original, medium painted on, approximate year of painting. 
  3. Name, address, email address, website address/s age (optional), phone number of artist.  Country you are residing in. 
  4. Artist bio (about 1 paragraph, including where studied, where shown, collections, awards, and other relevant facts.
  5. Answer the included questions with a few sentences each.
  6. Permission to duplicate for the purpose of this book and its promotion.
  7. And permission to be edited and included in a book that will be marketed on Amazon by the editor (Coralee)
  8. One picture of the artist.


You retain your copyright for the artwork.

The book will be on sale at Amazon.

You may buy the book from Amazon for list price.


Deadline extended until quota reached.

Please respond as quickly as possible.  We are receiving material now and have begun setting up the pages.



Each artist will display on 2 pages facing each other, including approximately 4 paintings (copyright belongs to artist), but permission to print in the books photos  and personal information is required, including responses to questions. This book is meant to be available to most countries without customs or other problems, by going through Amazon. The editor will oversee the layout and the final publication. Your layout will be sent back to you for approval before publication. This is your chance to be inexpensively included in an international art venue, available to you and artists and buyers throughout the world.


Following questions to be answered in several sentences each.   Please be sure to include this. 

  1. 1.  What brought you to paint in WC?
  2. 2.  Who was your inspiration for your art form?
  3. 3.  Where and when did you study art or begin painting on your own?
  4. 4.  What would you call your style and what do you aspire to stylistically?
  5. 5.  What is your preferred type of paper or medium?
  6. 6.  What brushes and other tools do you use most?
  7. 7.  What is your preferred palette of colors?
  8. 8.  What would you tell an aspiring artist?


When you have sent your materials and they are formatted, you will receive copies on your email of the two page layout that will be devoted to you and your work. 


Send the above info as soon as possible and any questions to the editor.

            Coralee Burch:  artbycoralee@gmail.com




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