I'm not superstitious 2015 London '

from 22 to 29 April 2015

crypt Gallery London


 in collaboration with ART CAFE London


Here we go! The third English edition of the Mostra Internazionale d'Arte is ready to bring back the best Italian artists, plus of course, the winners of the competition Italian interiors in London until April 2015.

After the success of last year, with more than 30 participating artists and a beautiful English audience feedback for Italian art, we dec Located in the heart of London, just minutes away from sites of important newspapers like The Guardian and Time Out, this place becomes the 2002 hosting Gallery artistic events throughout the year.ided to bring the event to the Crypt Gallery.

From 22 to 29 April 2015 will open its fascinating crypts and beautiful Italian contemporary expression galleries. The selections are open to all artists ready to face a foreign market, followed and guided by the Organization of the Art Cafe London team who is in charge here in England already 6 years, promotion and sale of works by artists from around the world.

  The selection has no restriction of materials, we bring every year, the best of Italian art in all its forms and also the theme ' SUPERSTITION is to represent something that surrounds us, and to have the debates following. For those who want to attend the shows in London, or to find out more please send an email to  galleria.artemisia.bg@gmail.com




 Università degli Studi di Pisa, Tuscany region, commune of Pisa, Navicelli spa, Confcommercio, CNA and Pisa Foundation

Open the selections for the third edition of the Mostra Internazionale d'Arte, London 3 ^ Edition.

.Theme: Superstition: all artists are invited to attend free selections. The participation costs


1)         Rent space from April 20 - May 1, 2015

2)        Storage for the packaging of the work (Each work will start again 'with the original packaging

3)        Preparation Works

4)        Dismantling works ready for collection

5)        Vernissages e invito (22 Aprile 2015 ore 18: 30/21: 00)

6)        Pubblicita'

7)        Catalogo

8)        all participants will be emailed a brief descriptive file on how to take its first steps abroad and help promote it via the website and social media. Shipping of artworks from Italy and back to the artist


        Total cost: € 390 * for 2 works maximum size 90 x 90 cm

La Cripta is under one of most important churches in London there are limitations espositive: (report as per contract)

http://www.cryptgallery.org.uk/     -    link-


No Pornography - No presence of human tissue - No mention of the occult


Important: the direction of the Crypt Gallery reserves the right not to accept the works considered ineligible even if passed the selection of the organizers of the exhibition.  If you do not come to final agreement with the artist for opera in 2 months from view, it will be returned to the artist ' 80% of the amount paid


Looking forward to hearing from you send a cordial greeting


Mariagrazia Frassetto President ACAF-Artemisia Gallery via Moroni 124-24122 Bergamo   Italia – tel. 3895563828 – galleria.artemisia.bg@gmail.com     www.galleryartemisia.com

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