This is an idea I had to put in motion. You've heard of Face Book, house swapping, or traveling to another country where you have a host family through an organization. We all live in our little pockets ( or communities), we all have tools. Whether you live in; Wisconsin, Italy, Caliornia, Montreal, Illonois, Argentiana, Canada, China, Africa, ect... We make art. So what if there was a way to have a show anywhere in the world, had a friend to help, and have a place to crash? World Artist Exchange. Not only could you connect with a host family and a community somewhere other than you live, you can host an artist in your community! It's all about community. Making art is human, art is sincere, art is life. So exhibiting art should be also.
I would like to thank my sister, Suzanne. She has always supported my artistic efforts. She is also responsible for helping me put together this web-site. I would not be who I am today without her.
I would also like to thank my artist friends. Who late at night we have, painted together, talked about art, and have built communies together. You are my inspiration for this sight . Daithi

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