Proposal for exhibition of Ink Scripts by Daithi

Proposal for Exhibition.

Visual Language- Ink Scripts

From the beginning of human visual expression through history and into today, people have created symbols. We have made pictures of ourselves and our environments. Imagery and words communicating to each other about what is beautiful, important and meaningful. From spitting coal through our hands onto cave walls to abstract art in contemporary museums, we see the desire of people to tell their stories. This is what makes us unique as animals. These stories become the heart of our believes and the heart of our lives.
My "Scripts" are stories. In my ink drawings one can discover narratives of people; farming, working, playing, dancing, learning, teaching, singing, playing music, praying, in exultation, in love, in war, in protest and making art. One will notice landscapes and buildings in far stretches of the composition, as if from a different time or mind. These images of people and landscapes become starting points to complex abstract and visual questions. I enjoy finding poetic forms and emotional spaces, which communicate with each other and create visual corridors. I am Influenced by hieroglyphics, cuneiform and calligraphy. My inspiration comes from nature when I travel. Moments like watching the spaces between birch trees branches in the forests of Wisconsin, looking at the rain and moss on a frozen tree stump in The Appellation Mountains, studying the twisted bark of olive trees in Italy, seeing the tide crash between the Atlantic and Indian Ocean at the most southern tip of Africa or examining the way the morning midst evaporates in the Himalayan sun. In the studio, I approach my art with a vigorous free flow. I work on several at a time. I find rhythms and play with lines. I am interested in creating a visual language and questioning the notion of "what is" and "what is not."

Exhibition of 12-20 ink script drawings.
Materials-French paper, Japanese Ink (micron), framed.

Daithi Art Studios

2000 The Art Students League of New York City
1997 Pratt Institute; summer program- Tuscany Italy
Santa Maria Bianca Cathedral- Lucca
1995 B.F.A. University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh

Selected One-Person Exhibits
2016 Wantoot Modern American Art and Craft- Mineral Point, WI.
Plum Bottom Gallery and Ceramics-Door Co, WI.
River Walk Art Center-Fond du Lac, WI.
2015 Diane Endres Ballweg Gallery- Madison, WI.
Share Gallery- Fond du Lac, WI.
River Walk Art Center- Fond du Lac, WI.
DaHouse Resto- Appleton, WI.
2014 Thrasher Opera House-Green Lake, Wi.
Diane Endres Ballweg Gallery- Madison, WI.
Sunroom- Madison, WI.
2013 Fortino’s- Appleton, WI.
2012 Bennett Lane Winery- Calistoga, CA.
Pangea-Ashland, Oregon
2011 Silverado Brewery- St. Helena, CA.
2009 Park Plaza Hotel- Oshkosh,WI.
McKnight & Carlson- Oshkosh, WI.
2008 Becket’s Restaurant-Oshkosh,WI.
2007 Hephaestus Gallery- Door County,WI.
2006 Fusion-Appleton, WI.
2005 Copper Rock- Appleton, WI.
2004 Eye of the Arts- Ripon, WI.
2003 Jambalaya Art Co-Op- Oshkosh, WI.
2002 New Moon Café- Oshkosh, WI.
2000 Grand Opera House- Oshkosh, WI.
1998 Monona Terrace Convention Center- Madison, WI.
1997 Community di Lucca, Corte’Dell Angelo- Lucca, Italy.
1997 Mainly Art Gallery- Oshkosh, WI.
1996 Galway Art Yard- Galway, Ireland.
1995 Upstairs Art Studios- Oshkosh, WI.

Selected Group Exhibitions
2016 Wantoot Modern American Art and Craft- Mineral Point, WI.
Plum Bottom Pottery and Gallery-Egg Harbor, WI.
River Walk Art Center- Fond du Lac, WI.
Jambalaya Arts- Oshkosh, WI.
Evolution Arts Collective-Madison, WI.
2015 Wantoot Modern American Art and Craft- Mineral Point, WI.
Horicon National Park (benefit)-WI.
The Yellow Rose Gallery- Madison, WI.
Jambalaya Arts- Oshkosh, WI.
Evolution Arts Collective-Madison, WI.
Willy Street Fair (performance painting)- Madison, WI.
2014 Goodman Community Center-Madison, WI.
Share Gallery- Fond du Lac, WI.
Evolution Arts Collective-Madison, WI.
Jambalaya Arts- Oshkosh, WI.
Center Ground Studios-Blue Mound, WI.
Attic Window- Evansville, WI.
2013 Art Attack Gallery- San Fransisco, CA.
Trout Museum of Art- Appleton, WI.
Jambalaya Art Collective- Oshkosh, WI.
2012 The Tea Room- Santa Fe, NM.
Napa Valley Museum of Art- Yountville, CA.
YN5 Gallery- SanFransisco, CA.
Nimbus Arts- St. Helena, CA.
Yo El Rey- Calistoga, CA.
Biu Bistro- Napa, CA.
Arlene Fransis Theater-Santa Rosa, CA.
2011 Napa Valley Museum of Art- Yountville, CA.
Vonstrausser Winery- Calistoga, CA.
Slack Art Collective- Napa, California
Nimbus Arts- St.Helena, CA.
Bottom of the Hill (performance)- San Fransisco, CA.
Bossorono Hotel- Yountville, CA.
Arlene Fransis Theater- Santa Rosa, CA.
2010 St. Supery Winery- St. Helena, CA.
Nimbus Arts- St. Helena, CA.
2009 St. Supery Winery- St. Helena, CA.
Neville Public Museum- Green Bay, WI.
Triennial- Oshkosh, WI.
Chaos Art Experience at The Time Theater- Oshkosh, WI.
2008 Broome Street Gallery- SoHo, N.Y.C.
Fransis Harding Gallery- Door County, WI.
2007 Bohnenkamp & Revale Art Gallery- Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Vanderbilt Gallery- Nantucket, MA.
Les Passants du Sans Soucy Gallerie- Montreal, Canada.
2006 Vanderbuilt Gallery- Nantucket, MA.
State Street Gallery- Madison, WI.
Inside Out Gallery- Milwaukee, WI.
Water Street Gallery- Princeton, WI.
Gallery 10- Door County, WI.
2005 The Neville Public Museum-Green Bay, WI.
Secura Insurance Art Annual- Appleton, WI.
The Hilton Hotel- Oshkosh, WI.
2004 The Neville Public Museum- Green Bay, WI.
The Allen Priebe Gallery, University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh, WI.
2003 Oshkosh Public Museum- Oshkosh, WI.
Paine Art Center- Oshkosh, WI.
Appleton Art Center-Oshkosh, WI.
Alberta Kimble Auditorium- Oshkosh,WI.
Monk-Reising Gallery- Oshkosh, WI.
2002 Wagner Opera House-Oshkosh, WI.
2001 Art International- Ashville, NC.
McColl Center for the Visual Arts- Charlotte, NC.
Pack Place, Art ans Science Center- Ashville, NC.
2000 Galerie France Art- Montreal, Canada
Les Passants du Sans Soucy Gallerie- Montreal, Canada.
1999 New York University of Law- N.Y.C.
Earth Works Gallery- Chicago, IL.
505 Gallery- Bisbee, AZ.
Paine Art Center (Marquee)- Oshkosh, WI.
1997 West Stuben Gallery, Pratt Institute- N.Y.C.
The Allen Priebe Gallery, University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh, WI.
1996 The Sense- Oshkosh, WI.
1995 The Neville Public Museum- Green Bay, WI.
William Bonifas Fine Art Center- Escanaba, MI.
Pioneer Resort- Oshkosh, WI.
1989 Ozaukee Art Center- Cedarburg, WI.

Private, Public and Corporate Collections (partial list)
-Northwest Airlines, Outagamie Airport- commissioned mural
-The Paine Art Center
-The Appleton Art Center
-The University of Wisconsin
-The Naturist Society
-Castle Pierce Printing
-Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Heald
-Paul and Cindy Schuemaucher
-The Rebell Alliance Theater
-Mr. Andrew Doemel (commisioned painting)
-Ms. Katherine Nofke (comminsioned sculpture)
-Alee Mura Bar Igea, Italy
-Dr. H Rupert Thebald
-Mrs. Maria Antonieta Mariotti
-VonStrausser Winery
-Smith Mondrone Winery
-Somerston Winery
-Silverado Brewing
-Mr. James Capadona
-Calistoga Inn
-Go Fish Asian Restaurant
-Ms. Judith Ann Moriarty
-Mr. Mrs. Nina Maylin
-Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Gamble
-Mr. Aaron Knoelke
-Mr. and Mrs. Marty Castleberg

Books, Articles, Catalogs and Media (partial list)
-The Art of Daithi. 20 Years. Bookemon Press. 2015.
-Art Now New York. Amy Schaible. March 1999. Pg. 25 O.I.A. (D.A.Kelley)
-Daithi- Oil, Ink & Assemblage 1996-2005.
-Calistoga Tribune, CA. May 2012.
-Public Sculptures in Wisconsin. 1848-1998. University Press. Chapter Northeast.
-Art Muscle. “The Naked Truth,” Dec.- Jan. 1997, Vol 11, Issue 2, pg 13.
-Wisconsin Review. Paul Niesen. 1998. Vol.33. Issue 1: cover, pg 85,101.
-Wisconsin Review. Hope Schuhart.2009. Vol 43. Issue 2: cover & center
-East Side News. Madison, WI. October, 2015.
-The Oshkosh Cultural Channel, 10. Artist Interview, June 2000.
-Editorial. “Oshkosh, Artist Haven.” March and April 2007, Wisconsin Painters and

Work Experience

-Madison College. WI. Painting Instructor. 2016
-Goodman Community Center. Artist in Residence. Madison, WI.
-Nimbus Arts- St. Helena, CA. 2010-2012. Painting, figure drawing, mix media,
sculpture, children art camps and set, prop design.
-Appleton Art Center- Appleton, WI.2003. Oil painting.
-McColl Center for the Visual Arts- Charlotte, NC. 2001.Oil painting.
-Blue Ridge Community College- Hendersonville, NC. 2001.Painting, Drawing,
-Friendship Force and Save the World, Kathmandu, Nepal. 2010.Guest artist teacher
-Private art lessons. 2004-2015

Set Design
-Nimbus Off Off Broadway. St. Helena, CA. 2010,2011,2012. Design and teacher.
-Mustard Seed Festival. Napa, CA. 2009.Set painter for tablos and sketch artist.
-Bisbee Repertory Theater, AZ. 1999. Set painting.

Community, charity and events coordinator-
-My Dream of Peace." Friendship Force Int. Organized student
submissions for exhibition to The World Summit of Nobel Peace
Laureates. Barcelona, Spain. 2015.
-The Goodman Community Center.Goodman Community Tree, Fund
Raising. Organizer. Madison, WI. 2015
-Horicon Nation Park- En Plein Air Benefit. Organizer. WI. 2015
-Oshkosh Community Mural. Artist. Consultant. 2015-2014
-The Kibera Girl's Soccer Academy in Africa, Benifit. Yellow Rose Gallery.
Organizer. Madison, WI. 2015
-Evolution Arts Collective. Madison, WI. Organizer 2013-2014.
- Organizer and Co-Founder of the Oshkosh Gallery Walk 1996-2014.
-“Chaos Art Experience” Oshkosh WI. Time Community Theater, The
Algoma Room. 2009, 2005, 2004. Benefit for Fallen Hero Fund,
American Red Cross (Tsunami, and
Haiti). Creation, production, public relations and marketing.
-“The Sense.” Oshkosh WI. 1999-96. Creation, production public relations
and marketing.
-Jambalaya Arts. Oshkosh WI. 2004-2008. Chair, marketing, organizer.
-Nimbus Arts. St. Helena, CA. 2010-2012. Event assistant.
-Hephaestus Art Foundry and Gallery. Door County, WI. 2004-2008.
Owner, foundry technician, marketing, petition township of Sister Bay to
change law for land owners/store owners to sell art.
-Organized petition, Public relations and attended city council meetings to
have the city of Oshkosh WI. Change the law to have murals downtown.
-Friendship force- cultural exchange South Africa, Nov. 10-27, 2004.

The Art of Daithi

"Art in it's truest form shows the person making it their beauty and relation to the moment. Art lets us be aware in the creation. When we share art with others it becomes electric. Art encourages our basic instinctual element to be playful and become one with our surroundings." -Daithi

I approach my art with a vigorous free flow. I work on several at a time. I am interested in how physical objects, poetic abstract forms and emotion spaces communicate making visual corridors. My inspiration comes from the process. In all my art: painting, sculpture, drawing and assemblage, I hope to convey a sincere and instinctive sight.

I like to make colorful oil painting abstractions. Images of people and landscapes present themselves, become characters and starting reference points to complex narratives and visual questions. I am interested in creating a visual language, answering the notion of what is and what is not. The themes of my paintings range from beauty, music, catharsis, social injustice, community, dreams, nature and time. I hope you enjoy.

Daithi was born in the United States (1972.) He was awarded at a young age for his artistic talent. He has studied at The University of Wisconsin, The Art Students League of New York City and in Lucca, Italy through The Pratt Institute of Art where his studio was located in the Cathedral Santa Maria Bianca. He has exhibited in museums, galleries, universities and city centers across North America, Ireland, Italy and Argentina. Daithi has taught art in many surrounding; such as The McColl Center for the Visual Arts in Charlotte, NC. Save the World Project in Kathmandu, Nepal. Nimbus Arts in Napa Valley, California and most recently as Artist in Residence at The Goodman Community Center in Madison, Wisconsin. His art can be found in many private, public and corporate collections.

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