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For quite a few years i did a blog via wordpress, but without much input from visitors (either i'm MUCH TOO EXCEPTIONALLY WEIRD, or there's a program out there trying to keep me as isolated as possible...yeah, call it "paranoia" if you have to), i've decided to move on. At first i thought i should move on COMPLETELY away from the Internet...heh....

So...hey, maybe THIS PLACE will prove interesting...? After meeting the curator (?) of this place (?) in person, and being inspired enough to actually start posting my art(e) here, finally....yeah, i'll have to spend more time in the future!

Maybe there are OTHER phreaky artists LIKE ME here???????

Anyway, if you wanna see a bunch of my earlier art(e) and ideas, check out this old blog:

Comments welcome, no matter how STRANGE! Heh.

Btw, when i use the word "evolution", i'm meaning it as the Lakota spoken word artist, John Trudell, means it. Towards evolutionary cultures and culturing where the truth of our being "descendants of tribes" (of europe, or where-ever) takes a leading role in inspiring creative intelligence and liberatory societies. i have my own approach to this, of course, so if you're interested, please do engage me!

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Comment by Nancy Ellingson on March 7, 2014 at 10:06am

As a painter, writer, appreciator, I find your work fascinating in several ways.  n


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