First Thursday's bleeding into Friday. Pioneer Square. Art Walk. Contemporary, tradional, indigenous art. Many independent and group spaces. Restaurants, bars and boutiques. Speciality galleries. SAM. Public art. Primary, professional and emerging artists exhibiting. 1st year for Seattle's Art expose was in early August, music, street performers and an art fair punctuated the Pedestrian mall. Fremont, Greenwood and other smaller pockets of artists lye around the city. Architecture Music Museum. At a glance the art scene was very progressive and had rhythm. I felt that the art that was most interesting and sucessful to me was an interesting conversation about visual fusion. Using the human form for a narrative and reminding me of a bubblebath between Bacon, Rousseau and Joan Mitchell. Destroying sincere moments to create other contrasting sincere moments. As well, other art dealt with technology, social roles, compartmentalism and animal cruelty, The Goya exhibit was in town at the SAM, one gallery exhibited fourth re-prints of his etchings. Many cool late night spaces. Take a look at the scroll to see photos of Seattle's Art Walk.

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