I wanted to let you know and to ask you to be a part of a Community Collaborative Art Performance that I am organizing along with Rich Norenberg and many other wonderful artists from the Jambalaya, Oshkosh community members and Oshkosh venues for The 100 Days, Creatives Respond on the weekend of April 29,30. We have been organizing the interest of individuals and groups who embrace diversity and inclusiveness.
The idea is this…

Let's all join hands!
"The Solidarity Chain."
Hand in hand. Artists and community members initiated a
A circle , then a spiral, then possibility a human chain joining the Oshkosh galleries.
Sunday April 30th 2 pm.
Monument Square Park, downtown Oshkosh WI.
Ideally, the chain will begin from the arms of the spiral. One short arm reaching to Matchbox and the longest arm to Jambalaya and then to Art Space Collective. This art piece is about diversity, inclusiveness, peace, equality, empathy, respect and connectiveness.

Everyone, Film it and put it on social media!
We are working on the details and asking some serious questions about the logistics of the chain.
We appreciate your support and ideas. This TRULY is a collaborative art piece, we will let you know about the details as it progresses.

Thank you
David Kelley-Daithi

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