I have just returned from traveling to Nepal. It was amazing. The people who live there are so kind and gracious. It was my privelage to live with a host family for a week and get a feeling of Kathmandu, it's culture, and it's people. I also ventured through the mountains and the jungle.

The World Artist Exchange in conjunction with the Friendship Force, I was able to teach painting to some children in a primary school set up by the Save the World Program. The experience was overwhelming . I believe some of the children had never painted before, because when they started they painted it as if they were painting a house. Back and forth evenly across. After a few minutes of painting my self for a demonstration and offering more colors they started to play with the paint and laugh in small groups at what they had created. I did not speak any Nepalise and they did not speak any English, however we communicated through art.

In addition , I visited a small univeristy type school where the students trained to paint mandalas. Their intricate patterns and compositions told a story of cultural disipline,beauty, nature, and meditation. Grinding up each color and suspending it with medium on a streched looped canvas. Some of the students and I talked about their process. You could tell it took many hundreds of hours to complete. Each painting was many smaller paintings, alive with the cosmos

I was able to complete an entire hard black covered sketch book. It was filled with quick ink sketches of the landscape, people, vegetation, clouds, Hindu Gods, temples and feelings of that day. It gave me a fresh outlook and inspired me to get back to the studio for painting.

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Comment by K Coralee Burch on January 23, 2011 at 10:13pm
Thanks for sharing.  Wonderful trip.  What an experience.  Would love to see your notebook.  Can you take pictures of some of the notebook and put it up as an album.  coralee


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